Founded in 1995, The NY Film Critics Series (NYFCS) has been an integral part of the film community with a rich history and an exciting future. The NY Film Critics has gained the reputation for outstanding service and commitment to customer satisfaction in the greater NY/NJ region.

With awards and recognition, our customers see us as a source to fulfill their needs in the areas of presenting independent film prior to release followed by a live discussion with: cast, filmmakers and industry affiliates.

About The Series Presenters

Ira Ehrenkranz (left) – Sales and marketing NYFCS. Ira Ehrenkranz –NYFCS Sales and marketing. For 15+ years Ira has single handedly engaged over 7000 members. “I try and treat everyone as family and make them feel special to be a part of this great ongoing Series,” says Ehrenkranz. Ira has proudly served as a member of the N.J. Film Commision.

Ira is an expert on Opera of all varieties and times. He has been an avid and indefatigable impresario and patron of the Arts for all of his life. He states “When kids used to cut school and go to the Burlesque, I would attend opera rehearsals at Newark Symphony Hall”. His collection of Playbills spans over 60 years of attending Broadway.

His love of the movies has been shared with his son Mark for 40 years. A few of the first movies they shared were: A Clockwork Orange, Pete ‘n’ Tillie with Walter Matthau, and the very wacky O’Lucky Man with Malcolm MacDowell. Ira now resides with his wife Meryl and relishes the time he spends with his grandchildren: Jamie, Carley, Niki and Jake. njfilm@optonline.net

Mark Ehrenkranz (right)– Mark has been producing The NYFCS for 18 years. He is also producing Turbulent Souls a full length feature film based on the memoirs of Stephen J. Dubner (co-author of Freakonomics ). Ehrenkranz has been national, key account marketing and sales executive for Ingram Entertainment. Mark created VideoLine® 1-800 VIDEO-411® as a home alternative to MovieFone®.

Mark has invested 30 years of life in the movie business. His experience includes: producers rep, film financial and marketing consultant, festival panels, screening host, teacher, and all facets of theatrical and home entertainment distribution. His credits include: Michael Nesmith's Prime Time NBC Series, Television Parts. USA's Nightflight, Radio 1990, Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous, Entertainment Tonight, CBS's America, To Hear, A PBS Special Presentation Hosted By Joel Grey. Assistant To Harvey Miller, Private Benjamin, Protocol, Bad Medicine. Fire And Ice, A Ralph Bakshi/Frank Frazetta Production & Twentieth Century Fox. Assistant To Jerry Belson ,Fun With Dick And Jane, Surrender, Always. Really Cool Jobs™ Save The Child, Know Your Logic, Return Of The Squeegee Men.

He spends his time in between this local series and The NY Film Critics National Series® throughout the US. marke@nyfilmcriticsseries.com